How to Find a Reliable Exporter of Iranian Dates

November 3, 2021 , Iranian Dates


Delightful dates fruit are very high in natural potassium; hence, people, especially the diabetic, are cautious to eat them because they believe that dates could be dangerous for them. But these sweet juicy fruits loaded with nutrients are really making them an excellent snack. Farmers usually make dates during the late fall and early part of autumn. There is also some preparation done before the new year in some regions.

If you are looking for high quality and fresh dates, you should contact only the reputable dates fruit exporters. These dates are available at your local supermarkets but they will be costly. You should try to get them from reputable wholesale dates exporters. The following are some tips that will help you to find a dependable exporter.

One thing that you need to check when finding a reliable exporter of dates fruit is their certification. This is very important because if the company is not certified by the local government, it means that their products are not guaranteed fresh. Only the certified farmers will have the certification and therefore you can be assured that the fruits that you buy are of the best quality. Check if the farmer is a certified one or not.

The second thing that you should check is whether the company deals with Barhi dates or not. Barhi dates are dates that have been prepared through dehydration process. Therefore, there is no juice or liquid left in the dates; hence, when buying Iranian dates from the Iranian exporters, you need to confirm whether they are dry or fresh ones. In addition, some Iranian date fruits are also available in Australia, Canada and USA; therefore, always ask if the dates that you are ordering are real or not.

The last thing that you need to check while choosing Iranian dates or any other types of dates is the quality of the fruits. Quality is an important aspect because if the product is not of good quality then its price will always be high. Therefore, always choose a company that offers good quality dates.

Some exporters offer free shipping when you purchase dates from them and in this case, you can choose the best one. However, there are other things as well that you need to consider. Check if the date fruit exporter provides insurance cover for perishables. It is true that sometimes the quality of Iranian dates or any other type of date may not meet the expectation, but with the right exporter and insurance cover, you can always feel safe in buying the fruits. Hope this article helps you a lot in choosing the right exporter and the best products at the most affordable prices.