Find Suppliers of Iranian Piarom Dates


Iranian Piyarom dates, also known as Maryami dates or as Chocolate dates, are the best and most well-known Iranian dates.


Piarom dates are known as the most luxurious and expensive variety of Iranian dates that originate from Hormozgan province in Haji Abad area in southern Iran. Piarom is developed generally in the mountain ranges. Hormozgan province, the most cultivated area of dates in Iran, produces 40-50 sorts of dates.  Cirueie, Tazraj, Tarom, and Daragah are a few villages in the city of Haji Abad where dates are mostly cultivated. Hajiabad city is the single district where Piarom Dates are cultivated. No chemical is used during the harvesting process. Iranian Piarom Dates are organic and safe for eating.


Fleshy and Semi-Dried with 15% moistness, the Piarom Dates or Mariami Dates are usually harvested at the first part of Autumn in October and it takes till the end of November to complete the harvesting.


Piarom Dates are thin-skinned and dark brown. Throughout the world, Piarom is also well-known as Chocolate dates, as said before, because of its yummy taste.


As Piarom dates can satisfy all kinds of customers, they have attracted many exporters throughout the world for marketing the dates.  Piarom dates are generally graded into two categories according to size:

Jumbo (Max 120 pcs/kg) 

Standard (Max 140 pcs/kg) 

Piarom Dates are filled with precious nutrients like protein and minerals. The fiber of the dates is extremely helpful for the peptic health of the human body. Being rich in potassium, Piarom checks high BP and fortifies the nerves. Furthermore, the magnesium content of Mariami Dates keeps muscles energetic and dynamic. Because of these benefits, the dates are mostly preferred by the Piarom Dates Supplier for global marketing.


Piarom is used in various ways. It can be sowed and repleted, or sliced and in many other ways. To make pudding, cereal, cakes, cookies, bread, candy bars, and even desserts and ice cream, you can use this hearty fruit.


The work of pitting with dates is done in the factories. It is done either by crushing, then sieving pieces or with higher processing. It may be done also by penetrating the kernel out and leaving only the whole fruit. The remaining dates are transformed into a paste, cubes, spread, jelly, juice jam, vinegar, alcohol syrup, and many more items.


These sophisticated and rich Piarom Dates are one of the largest kinds of date fruits in respect of color, size, and flesh. Ranging from dark chocolate to deep black with its thin skin, it is suitable for all, even diabetic patients, due to its low level of sugar.

Piarom Dates customers are from all over the world. Piarom Dates Supplier finds their markets in different parts of the world like Malaysia, France, Indonesia, Russia, France, Taiwan, Switzerland, and many others.


As the Shelf life of Piarom Dates or Maryami Dates is at least a year, Piarom Dates Supplier finds it easy to sell them without fear of expiry. Ask for an expert opinion before you buy dates.