How to Use the USDA Farm Gateway to Buy Piarom Dates Product

October 6, 2021 , Iran Piarom dates

The very first thing I did as a Date Fruit Trader was purchase Piarom dates. It was actually the very first shipment of Piaroms that I opened. It came from Portugal and I was thrilled with its clarity and intense red color. Within just a week I had two Piarom pups that were gorgeous.

I decided to use my experience and write a review on the company and the product. First, let me tell you that when it comes to Piarom dates, there are three major companies that make them. I chose one because their packaging was beautiful and their overall quality was great. Here is what I found.

The best dates fruit exporters are based in New Zealand, but that does not mean they are the best ones. There is a company in South America that I would recommend. They have been exporting to the U.S. for many years and have a great reputation. Their package of dates is high quality and is packed like a truck.

If you look at the back of the Piarom dates package you will find that they carry a hologram of a big red date. That is the company’s logo and that is what gives them the distinction over other companies. If you look closely at the dates inside the package, you will see that there is no actual body of the date, but instead there are images of large red fruit. This gives them the distinct logo and makes them stand out from other companies.

Another thing you may notice about this company and their dates is that they have incorporated a moisture absorber into the package. This is very important to me because I love dates and having the ability to preserve them for a long period of time is a huge plus. A moisture absorber keeps the date fruit from drying out and turning bad before it has a chance to get to you!


The dates inside the Piaroms package will arrive in a nice packing of cardboard boxes. There is also a sheet of white paper attached to the bottom of the box that shows you exactly how much each date is worth. There is also a serial number on the box. The serial number is actually located on the bottom of the date. What this means is that you will be able to determine what date is your favorite without having to guess. Once you find your favorite Piarom date, the USDA farm gateway website should have the exact date that was in the box with your purchase.

When using the Piarom dates as a business, you will notice that there are a few options for packaging your goods with. You can ship them in small brown bags or large cardboard boxes. The large boxes are preferable because they can be stacked on top of one another with no problems. If you choose to ship them using the small brown bags, make sure that you include the serial numbers of all of your clients. The USDA farm gateway website will help you through the purchasing process and all you need to do is fill out your order form and it should be sent out to your recipient.

Finally, you will want to keep in mind that when you choose to purchase Piarom dates online, you can rest assured that you are getting an excellent quality product that is sourced from high quality suppliers. The date manufacturer has a great reputation and has been in business for a very long time. Using their system should ensure that your clients receive a good quality product at an affordable price.