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What are the benefits of date milk for the body?

Prevent cancer

Another property of date milk for the body is to prevent cancer and infectious diseases. This nutritious and delicious combination can prevent the damage of free radicals to body cells.

Useful for children’s development

Milk and dates have minerals and protein needed for children’s growth. Milk rich in calcium and dates also contain iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, which help children’s bones to grow as well as possible.


Helping hair health

Consuming date milk can provide the vitamin B needed for hair growth and strengthening and help you have healthy and beautiful hair and strengthen the hair texture.

hair strengthening

 If you are one of the people who care about strengthening and health of your hair, then don’t forget to use date milk potion. This drink makes the hair texture thicker and stronger.

Help maintain stamina

 Drinking date milk when you are hungry can make you feel weak. This drink has a high calorie content and helps maintain strength in the muscles and affects the endurance of the body.

Improve vision

This delicious and tonic drink with the amount of vitamin A in its ingredients helps eye health and vision improvement and can also prevent some eye diseases.