Iranian Piarom Dates Are One Of The Most Popular Desserts

October 6, 2021 , Iran Piarom dates

Iranian Piarom dates are considered to be the most costly date around the world. Why is Iranian Piarom date the most expensive? First of all, this date is only grown in a few select places and in those few select places it’s different properties and quality determine the price.

Another thing that’s affected the price of the date is the soil where it is cultivated. Irrespective of where the Iranian Piarom dates are grown, their shelf life is usually around three years. During this time the buyer should avoid buying old Iranian Piarom dates as the shelf life gets reduced. If you buy old Iranian Piarom date, it becomes very difficult to get the same taste in your future dates.

A dark brown color is a sign of dried out dates; hence, if you see a dark brown color on the Iranian Piarom dates then it is a good choice. The shape of the dates (rounded or oblong shaped) indicates that they have been stored at a cool place; this temperature range could be from twelve to fifteen degrees Celsius. In case of white Iranian Piarom dates that have a brown color, they are meant for freezing.

So, how much should you pay for Iranian Piarom dates? To get a good quality deal, you should buy Iranian Piarom at a wholesale price. You should buy the dates from an authentic store which sells genuine Iranian Piarom dates. The prices of the dates vary because of factors like location, amount available, and storage methods. An authentic store would also offer discounts, rebates, free gifts, and money back guarantee.


You should avoid artificial fertilizers while picking Iranian Piarom Dates because these artificial fertilizers contain harmful chemicals that destroy the quality of the Iranian Piarom dates. According to reports, Iranian Piarom was first cultivated 100 years ago. It is a cross of various species of palms. Palm tree leaves were used to produce the seeds. The palm tree leaves are used in making artificial fertilizers.

The first step in producing Iranian Piarom Dates is to select the proper place for production. The production center should be located at a place where there is enough humidity content. This humidity content determines how long the seeds will stay viable until they germinate and grow. The place should also be at a location where the temperature remains constant – neither too hot nor too cold.

Once the proper place for production has been selected, the next thing that you have to do is to find out which specific species of palm are best suitable for drying Iranian Piarom Dates. The right palm should be used in order to produce dry fruits that are the perfect type of dates. Persian saffron (Capsicum annum) has the right texture and the right color. It is also a highly valuable spice. Iranian saffron is available at almost all grocery stores throughout the United States. However, it may be more difficult to locate in specialty food stores.

Finally, once you have found the right place for production, you can begin drying out the Iranian Piarom Dates that you have obtained. Many fans have different opinions as to how long the dates should be dried out. Some prefer to let the dates remain on the shelf and enjoy their taste for many months on end, and others want to get them out as soon as possible and use them immediately. As with all products that you purchase, you will want to follow the directions closely. In fact, these specific procedures are very important if you want to be successful with your investment.