Iranian Piarom – The Fascinating Sweet

October 6, 2021 , Iran Piarom dates


The Piarom date palm tree, also known as Iranian dates is a large, round skin, dark colored semi-dried fruit with a rich orange-yellow color that is considered the tastiest of all dry, semi-dried dates available worldwide. Most Piarom dry dates are grown in the area of Hajjiabad, Hormozgan province in southwestern Iran. The Piarom date palm trees are quite rare and are mostly found growing wild. Piarom is a tall, solid, bushy palm tree which usually flowers from two to five flowers per year. The flowers are trumpet shaped and contain a large seed in the center that when cracked open produces a sweet, rich, deep orange-yellow liquid called the “date juice”.

When it comes to the taste, Piarom dates can be compared to dates from Egypt, Greece or Saudi Arabia in terms of its taste. These fruits have a slightly sweeter taste than other popular dry fruits like dates. They also have a slightly sharper nutty flavor that some find to be richer and more complex than other types of fruits. There are some varieties, however, that have a distinct citrus flavor that some find to be tart. But overall, the Piarom palm tree produces one of the best tasting varieties of the dessert.

Piarom dates aren’t only great for cooking – they’re also great for baking. These delicious dates make an excellent addition to a wide variety of dessert recipes, like ice cream, cookies and cakes. Piarom cookies, for example, are a popular alternative to traditional sugar cookies due to their chewy texture and exotic flavor. In addition to being a healthy snack alternative, Piarom cookies are also a healthier alternative for that salty, crispy taste. Piarom is also a great way to enjoy dates without the unhealthy aftertaste. For instance, Piarom has a slightly nutty, buttery flavor that some find even better than dates, making it a great alternative for dessert.


In addition to its delicious taste, what you put into your Piarom Date, Iran, recipe is up to you. The product is made from real Piarom palm seeds, so all of the benefits come from the actual fruit. There is no added sugar, so your cookies and cakes will have a delicious, thick texture and a rich, intense flavor. These delicious snacks don’t just taste great – they’re also good for you, with zero calories. That’s because Piarom dates contain natural digestive enzymes that are great for your body, and are also natural antioxidants.

Unlike any other edible, Maryami Piarom Dates offer a healthier alternative when it comes to sweet treats. While date syrup is still popular, a healthier option such as Maryami is becoming increasingly popular as well. Maryami is made from sugarcane juice, and can be used to sweeten just about anything.

When ordering Piarom Date packaging, be sure to inquire about the possibility of contacting the seeds’ creators. High quality Piarom suppliers will ensure that their products are created using authentic Piarom Palm nuts grown in Iran, rather than date syrup or other ingredients. Iranian businesses do not allow themselves to use foreign-grown palm nuts, so this is a serious benefit to buying Piarom chocolate dates from Iran, because you will get a completely real product with high quality. When you buy goods that are created in another country, you can almost always guarantee they are of low quality.

One of the great things about shopping for delicious semi-dried varieties of Piarom, from Iran is that you can get them in different flavors, so you can create your own personal Piarom flavors. For example, if you enjoy an aroma of coffee, Piarom can be easily added to your chocolate lineup. If you love an earthy smell, mocha, or vanilla flavor, you may like a stronger aroma, or one that has none at all. The possibilities are endless. Your only limitation is your imagination!

When shopping for Piarom edible items, remember to be aware of the harvest time. The dates will dry out and spoil quickly if they are not stored at the right temperature. The most ideal place to store semi-dried Piarom, which is also commonly known as Iranian Piarom, is in a cool, dry place, but there are no rules against keeping them in direct sun for long periods of time. In fact, long summer months with little sun is the best time to purchase delicious Piarom desserts and snacks, as the flavors begin to mellow just as the harvest time approaches.